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Türkiye’s President Erdogan is praised for his position as a mediator in Ukraine conflict and for his peace efforts in a new article by political scientist Nathalie Tocci for Politico as Ankara maintains dialogue with the Kremlin and supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity

Ankara proposes itself as a broker of a peace solution between Russia and Ukraine. But finding a balance is getting more difficult due to high stakes for the opponents as well as the role external actors play in this conflict ...

Washington says it’s sending heavy weapons to Greece in response to the Russian attack on Ukraine. But experts see a problematic message to Ankara in the US’s arms flow to Greece

@TheCactus71 1. We don't export Oil and Infact want cheap Oil 2. Armenia support in case you haven't guessed is about poking at Ankara ? Am not very much supportive of 2. But Ukraine isn't an issue worth investing either.

No need to go back 400 y for the answer. Churchill was right when he said in his notes "I do not believe that the Kemalist administrators in Ankara were communists". The Ankara government knew the anger of the Bolsheviks of the Franco-Greek armies that landed in Ukraine in 1919.+

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