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Press review: Erdogan heads to Ukraine and China, India buy up EU-shunned Russian coal Top stories from the Russian press on Thursday, August 18th! According to Izvestia, Moscow is wary of the friendship between Ankara and Kiev. Erdogan constantly declares support for the

In wake President Erdogan’s summit with Mr. Putin, the #Ukraine️ side in today’s talks would be expected to press Turkish side over their growing business links with Russia, indirectly helping the Kremlin skirt western sanctions. And will Ankara start selling drones to Moscow?

@maria_shagina Interesting insights! Russia is clearly making Turkey indispensable in the arrangements around Ukraine. This increases the perception of immunity against sanctions in Ankara that shows careless about secondary sanctions. I argue this in my latest piece for @bneintellinews. 👇

Our top story @trtworld -- The Turkish President heads to Lviv, for talks with his Ukrainian counterpart and the UN Secretary-General. We're live in Kiev @MindyNucifora & in Ankara @journalisthasan Join us at 0700 GMT. #Ukraine#PresidentErdogan

#Guterres is scheduled to visit #Odessa on Friday, one of three ports involved in the grain exports agreement reached in July under the auspices of the #UN and with the assistance of #Ankara. #Zelensky #Ukraine #Turkey

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