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Ukraine is important more than America's in florida are sleeping out side.

There’s a reason the “anti war” types became nicknamed “stop some wars”. You don’t understand why some of us who opposed the Iraq war also oppose Ukraine. We don’t want baseless invasions of other countries no matter who it is. The America’s shit movement is a joke

@AishwaryakiRai @PMOIndia and his supporters clearly chose Putin over the USA. They spread hate against Americans, clearly don't respect or support us. Yet expect to be paid in return business as usual. India is NOT America's ally they HELP Putin hurt Ukraine AND us

@Tobias_Ellwood Your delusional, we all know the war machine does not want peace. That’s why Boris ran to Ukraine TWICE to stop peace talks between two countries that have nothing to do with us. This is Americas proxy war and we all know it. I hope you have access to the nuclear bunker!!

@POTUS Mr. President, when are you going to give @elonmusk a call? Shooting up Russian cosmonauts, really impacting green initiatives, and being America’s biggest asset? Ukraine questioned his support and he gave $80mm towards their people being able to choose democracy. Say something!

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