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@AdamKinzinger @POTUS The majority of Americans ARE still worried about Ukraine. They are fighting their asses off for Democracy. Biden worked behind the scenes to realign NATO. But we have a gun control problem and the J6 insurrection that your party is flat out denying and creating distractions.

Today thousands of Americans and Europeans are going to Ukraine to fight against Russia. Russia say they are mercenaries. America on the west side they are members of the Ukraine army. You see the double standard they are not terrorist. But those who fight Americas are.

If really president #Biden is worried about the americans paying such a high price for #gaz and if he is convinced that the war in #Ukraine is the reason then he should stop the war instead of fueling it! Stop using the #Ukrainians to fight the #Russians !

@Snowyy_val @toeknee216 @ayaabdeen__ @brittneygriner A president’s number 1 concern is the safety of all Americans. You only care about Ukraine cuz they are white. Brittney Griner is a gay black woman so that’s why you don’t care what happens to her. Your racism is showing.

@JGaffneyUSN Funded the biolabs in Ukraine that is where probably the virus came from if the truth be known Doesn't have a thought of his own Obama's puppet. Can't afford by food or gas Americans are sick and tired of seeing those on assistance doing better than them

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