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Russians’s mass murdering people in Ukraine, Russian agents are mass murdering people in United States, whatever’s happening in Ukraine is duplicated in United States, hard to believe but it’s true, Americans are too dumb to see the writing on the wall, Russia’s killing Americans

@LorraineDWilke @_BettyCardenas @MayraFlores2022 @EVerastegui @RepArrington Grieve for aborted babies and Americans and Afghan interpreters left in Afghanistan for the Taliban to kill...grieve for Ukraine and the unnecessary deaths. Did Putin invade anywhere during Trump's watch? No. No1 fears an America under this woke n weak US military w Biden as Pres

Reports: Russia captures 2 Americans fighting in Ukraine

Russian state TV airs videos of two missing Americans in Ukraine Read here: #MonitorUpdates

Of the three US volunteers missing or captured in Ukraine two are reported to be Asian Americans

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