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Poll Shows More Americans Want Biden to Focus on Inflation Than Russia–Ukraine War

Time for Americans to back a Green New Deal, or succumb to fascism. Brave like Ukraine and willful like Iceland. There is no one but us, yet in doing so we'd join a global alliance of those who stood for human rights, & the abolishment of authoritarian rule. We have four months

@ndtv trumpflation in the United States has been caused by trump admin bungled covid response and putin's Ukraine genocide thankfully, @POTUS @JoeBiden has kept US Dollar strong meaning that Americans have more purchasing power than other countries also suffering from trumpflation

@cenkuygur Biden has done plenty: war on fossil fuel industry, abandoning Americans in Afghanistan, printing Billions to drive inflation, laundering $$ via Ukraine. He's owned by the radical Left. So whats your beef?

@armyinformcomua @USEmbassyKyiv Thank you. May we Americans strive to deserve this beautiful tribute. Whatever we do, though, it will pale beside your courage and strength. #Ukraine

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