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@RepJeffries The Extreme Radical Leftists of the DemocRAT party has done Everything to make Americans decide between staying warm or feed their family. They put Ukraine 1st and America Last. They are Commies who censor the truth and have failed on EVERYTHING, even have a Border crisis 🐽🐀’s

@itsJeffTiedrich Americans are allowed to criticize America, South Africa, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, etc. We have the first amendment freedom of speech in this country.

Americans want to know where Ukraine money went, let's get this started by pointing out a boob job.

@SenateGOP Why are Americans putting up with this shit? Why are we still forced to handover most of our income in taxes, for people in Washington to spend it how they please? We are getting raped in taxes to pay for illegals, Ukraine, and left his projects. We should stop paying taxes!

Except Ukraine is an already independent state. These people really have created a whole imaginary universe of what they think we are. Just like far right and far left Americans and Religions. Common theme????🤔🤔🤔

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