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@Wwm_Shakespeare What Americans are saying of Biden& His administration -Gas higher than an elephants eye!No peanut butter No Women’s Monthly Necessities, will be a wheat Famine come winter- America imported wheat from Ukraine & Russia- US Famers don’t have enough to feed America.

@Environmom @AngelaBelcamino @POTUS Nah I just find it funny those who simp the Ukraine flag, also wanna disarm Americans.

@kedubois1 @DangerousRyles @jaketapper I understand that but when we are sending 40 billion to Ukraine on a whim and not giving just 5 billion to control our southern border, it makes it clear that some politicians don’t have any interest in helping Americans

@EdwardGLuce Ukraine is under a full assault from the 3rd largest Military on earth, and its citizens are statistically safer from gun deaths than Americans.

@JoJoFromJerz It is called an ASSAULT weapon because it’s used to assault and massacre it’s target…why don’t these cowards go fight in war and help Ukraine…oh that takes guts… they would rather just kill innocent #Americans to feel brave and vindicated…is sick…as their leader former guy

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