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@JDCocchiarella What do you think keeps an invasion like Ukraine from happening on American soil? Your grate personality maybe?

@FoxNews It is total lie! Gas prices were raising up way before Ukraine war. Mr. Biden, don't lie to American people! Gasprices are the part (not fart!) of your WRONG policies!

Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem is real, and it’s part of a larger problem in European and American political culture. This problem can be called North Atlantic supremacism, by analogy with white supremacism.

@DewayneZHere @lovethisnation_ @JackPosobiec US is not a democracy lol. Remind me how the American ppl voted to give $40 bill. of their tax dollars to Nazis & corrupt politicians in Ukraine.

American support for Ukraine comes from 2 sources: (1)the American people and (2) Biden's fear of us. When Biden says he stands with Ukraine he means he wants to stab the Ukranians in the back. His new chat partner is Putin. The plan is to let Ukraine die. This is who Biden is.

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