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@DefenceU we can win now in Ukraine get some warships on our snake island from American or England take out Russians nazis from there @ZelenskyyUa @POTUS @BorisJohnson @AlexaBliss_WWE @RheaRipley_WWE @maki_itoh @FightOwensFight @TheParkerB_ @YaOnlyLivvOnce @StephMcMahon @RandyOrton

@MalcolmNance You’re a boss brotha. Appreciate you showing the world what a true American patriot is. You and the other Americans in Ukraine are making us proud and are an inspiration. I know the information you leave with the Ukrainians will be put to use and will help lead to orcs deaths.

The Socal warrior contingency has no choise but join the Ukraine supporters that were shamlesly convinced by the left that thay Both were bravely supporting progressive American values just to find the majority of Americans don't believe or support the results to our country

Monmouth Poll Compiles Top 22 Priorities of American People, Ukraine v Russia and J6 Committee Outcome Does Not Appear on List - The Last Refuge

No American Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs) for the #Ukrainians. There is no trust from the Americans in #Ukraine about the usage..

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