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Impressions of an #American #journalist who witnessed a strike with a #Russian "dagger" on a depot of weapons of the #Armed #Forces of #Ukraine, located at a depth of 136 meters. By the way, did the Poles say something about closing the sky over the western territory of Ukraine?

This is false. To suggest there isn’t a foreign legion in Ukraine is absolutely wrong. I have documented the presence of multiple South American volunteers with strong evidence some are fighting alongside American volunteers in Severodonetsk. These are large units not freelancers

🇺🇦🇷🇺The Russian military has published footage of a missile strike on the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Ukraine. Kalibr cruise missiles destroyed American howitzers in Mykolaiv and the AFU headquarters in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Footage of the Russian “dagger” missile strike on the warehouse of weapons and ammunition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, accompanied by an epic reaction of an American journalist that filmed the strike.

#Ukraine “keeps winning” daily according to NBC, WP, NYT, and CBS, and yet #Russia keeps gaining more Ukrainian territories each day. How does #American media define "winning"?

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