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A Pacific Beach Marine veteran fighting in Ukraine is speaking out, in the wake of several American volunteer fighters who've been captured or killed in the conflict. @10news

@duckman1217 @KevinNewbill93 @KarenDoe50 Nope. Putin never attacked Ukraine before now because he literally couldn't. American forces put there stopped Russia. Trump removed them. Literally the next day Russia moved into Syria.

@Chris28360970 @iamromieb @JimCrickets2 @roc345_mark @CrissiAndCo @davidmweissman @tedcruz What's wrong with Ukraine? Don't tell me you're a Putin lover as well. I think the stupid American flag in your name has the same effect. 🤷‍♂️

@MintPressNews @pr_dolan They buy the weapons off of American companies. You think we are sending cash to Ukraine?

@fodeballertoure @jaketapper She’s an actual American. WE are responsible for OUR people. We support Ukraine, but our people are who we fight for.

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