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@DavidGiglioCA @ZelenskyyUa @elonmusk Because Ukraine is fighting for its freedom and against terrorist aggression by an outlaw regime. If you were a better American, you'd understand that. I can see that you don't.

"Elon Musk deciphered early." The head of Tesla called the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine "Khrushchev's mistake" American entrepreneur Elon Musk expressed confidence that Ukraine is unlikely to be able to resist Russia for a long time.

This is ridiculous. @ChristopherJM has been producing great reporting from Ukraine for over a decade, probably the best of any American reporter, one of the few I read. His reporting on Azov was accurate and important work, that Russia uses grains of truth to lie isn't his fault.

@Darchmare I mean, Ukraine was literally Russian territory in the old days, what changed? Ukraine is now an American ally so it has become infallible? Come on man. They are different, yes. But not so different. Not as different as North and South Korea.

@Barry4the44th @MelnykAndrij @elonmusk Judging that the diplomat ratio'd Musk (which is fucking hilarious no matter who you are), I'd say American support for Ukraine is doing just fine. And if you think all those likes are foreign/artificial, then that means Musk's poll is also disingenuous.

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