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When it comes to Vladimir Putin and his war crimes in Ukraine, American patriots are aligned with Ukraine. Tankies are in the tank for Putin and they dominate the MAGA GOP and the right's media machine. Top Tankie? @TuckerCarlson #TankieTucker

@RepJeffries ...abandoned American citizens and allies in the MiddleEast along with billions of dollars in state-of-the-art military equipment, started a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, threatened civilians here at home with tanks, fighter jets, bombers, and even nuclear weapons...

@AprilKnaus @NickAdamsinUSA You now have a president, who has O respect around the world, who throws money at Ukraine, while homelessness is growing at a staggering rate,USA in decline, open border, enough fentanyl to kill every American comes with illegals, record drug deaths, all crime up, $1 b riots etc

@AlexPer51573831 46 U.S. military-funded BIOLABS in Ukraine Pfizer Scientist CAUGHT Describing Mutating Viruses For PROFIT Hunter Biden confesses it was his LAPTOP Pfizer admits 40 million American women had menstrual problems and it causes INFERTILITY BRING OUT THE CHINESE SPY BALLOON 🤷‍♀️

@RepMattGaetz American knows exactly what it hopes to achieve in Ukraine. When the Soviet tried that, deploying missiles in Cuba close to America, America almost went to war. The Soviet removed the missiles. Thats what you, America, is looking to achieve in Ukraine.

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