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@KpsZSU Thank you!! My Ukrainian flag is hanging next to my American one and will continue to be displayed until Ukraine is made whole and is free once more! A constant reminder of how fragile freedoms are... Sending love, strength, and peace to Ukraine!!! 🇺🇦🇺🇸

Good read. American volunteers giving their time to help in Ukraine, training Ukrainian soldiers.

@LaurentJean2 @joncoopertweets I really do get your point . I just watched a video of an American who just got bk fr Ukraine - he fought with them and says he’s going back. Remarkably he says all Ukrainians are of one stripe - helping out all they can

@Ukraine Much Class. Thank you. Forgive my fellow Americans on here, the 'experts with no expertise.' They feel very smart and very brave in these apps, American freedom/ privilege granted. They have their internal struggles. The rest of us R embarrassed by them. Our humblest apologies!

I don't see an American flag in your profile, nope, just support for Ukraine Where's your American pride LuLu?

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