America - Ukraine Tweets

@Maggie_Hassan You worked harder for Ukraine than you did for America of for that matter New Hampshire First. Buzz off former senator. Pack your office, you will be gone soon.

@AP China just committed to side with Russia if America and NATO step into Ukraine. America is like a rapist, who has no problem committing rape over and over then asking each victim, WHY ARE YOU UPSET WITH ME?

@BaylorAthletics As a baylor fan and an American, I don’t know how you can support someone who publicly hates America but now is begging for its help. It’s also not as easy as just working something out with the Russian government right now, especially when there’s bad blood with war in Ukraine.

Russia is intentionally burning the crops in #Ukraine. Please remember that Viktor Orban, the dear comrade friend of fascist GQP rep @RepAndyHarrisMD , refers to #VolodymyrZelensky as his enemy. Vote @heathermizeur if you love America and democracy. #MDpolitics #Maryland

@TomTugendhat Still putting out central office slogans to protect the tub of lard. Brexit a mess. The NHS rolled out the vaccine and scientist developed. Lard took the credit America led the way in Ukraine.

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