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Any such aid from the United States should come from sanctioned assets not the ai.S. Treasury, we are spending too much money outside America. Russia-Ukraine war live updates: Ukraine unveils $750 billion recovery plan as Russia s…

🎵🎵Oh beautiful Those chemtrail skies We Amber Heard the bed Bi-den ad-min Thinks Putin strayed Ukraine fights in our stead #America Amerikkka We'll soon not be the Lead They'll take away Our stuff & pay To force us to conceed

@AprilCortland @Anita75795769 No Ukraine is part of the same shat show system as America is experiencing Putin was pressured to start with Ukraine Russia is protecting Ukraine people he’s also presented evidence about biolabs and the deepstate plan to world council they want to drop Putin so they don’t 1/3

‘But I do love provoking proxy wars and making money off of lethal aid to Ukraine and every other pie America has its fingers in🤠 yeehaw’

@water_tre @Joey_Shoelaces @TJQuinnESPN @RexChapman Your a joke America is helping Ukraine while Russia is invading and you think they won’t make a example out of a American citizen bringing drugs into their country you must be living in the same fairytale world as the anti gun American citizens now go cry

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