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Question for the West, including America? Will the aid provided to Ukraine end the war?? No, of course, on the contrary, it will exhaust the economy of Western countries, including America?

Let us honor the bravest Americans who left the comfort of America to go to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian People,

@KerryEPage @Mike_Pence The world, not just America, had a 'little' epidemic, plus a war between Russia and the Ukraine, most countries stopped buying fuel from Russia, effecting markets and prices. Also the US economy owes a lot of it's wealth to the working 'homeless and poor'.

@laurakfink You're a horrible analyst if you think just because gas prices have come down a little, that Republicans won't slaughter the Democrats in the Midterms. The destruction of America, the BILLIONS sent to Ukraine for Democrat money laundering, the selling out to China.

@JackPosobiec @PerspicaciousXY If we had not committed to give some total $54 Billion to Ukraine, we'd have more than enough to help out all the citizens of America who were affected by the Chinese Wuhan virus...

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