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If you follow history, you would know America and it's allies are the causative agents of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Putin kept warning them since 2008. It's very likely the war will escalate to nuclear.

I am beginning to think that the US would be better off dividing up into 2 countries. Republicans get half & Democrats the other half. Each with their own government. Just worry Republicans would attack the Democrats down the road, like Russia & Ukraine. America is lost. 😭

@McFaul Allowing Ukraine to lose any land to Russia would: 1. Show every non-nuclear ally that they must pursue nukes because America does not keep its promises 2. Embolden not just Putin and Xi, but every autocrat or aspiring autocrat. 2/

@thelonelydalek @CaaOperator @youngiam99 @QuickFang_ @tuffy______ @samstreetwrites So you're suggesting that America is funding Ukrainian political fringe, which will lead to Nazis openly taking control over Ukraine, which will lead to them fighting against US? You make Alex Jones look tame by comparison.

"At the very least, what the United States is doing in Ukraine is NOT not war." NY Times Yes, it is war. God morning America.

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