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@GOPLeader @Jim_Jordan @RepMTG @RepAndyBiggsAZ @LindseyGrahamSC @marcorubio @SenRickScott GET these AMERICANS out of jail! NOW enough already! Stop being weak Republicans because we’ve had it! We should be helping them financially also, you gave billions to Ukraine. America FIRST

@Gentlements So guys does this means we stand with America against Russians. Are we preparing to stop the current war Ukraine.?

@newsmax America is being run by criminals with Joey and Hunter selling America oil to China and giving Ukraine billions of dollars and murders running the streets and police being defunded 💔💔💔

@KyivIndependent He’s trying to push Ukraine off the negotiating table by proxy. If America gets drawn directly into negotiations this is good for Russia, because they don’t have the same level as vested interest. Ukraine would likely get a bum deal and a massive drop in political sway.

@mfa_russia @Rusembegypt @MfaEgypt @Egyptmfa @EgyIndependent @DailyNewsEgypt @_AfricanUnion @AUC_PAPS @africanews @EmbassyofRussia @RusEmbNigeria Egypt 🇾🇪 Russia is a strong and sovereign country and has the right to lead the world instead of those who stole and looted, and the leadership of Ukraine must understand that America has manipulated it for the benefit of America

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