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@HMM_Makeup @JenLuvsReviews The war in Ukraine has nothing to do with the Inflation in America! And for anyone to not realize the ties of Biden to his son and Ukraine is disturbing! Hunter didn't walk away from Barisma until his Dad was running for President! And there's a BIG REASON

@AdamKinzinger Enough Benedict Arnold.. you’re last star witness was proved to be a huge liar and you had her back… America has spoken and you’re a fraud! You should go move to Ukraine

@ShakurStevenson The Ukraine invasion wouldn't have happened under Trump. As much as I dislike him, he didn't have the same attitude of the Establishment Politicians that America is the World's Police and he wouldn't have entertained that BS of Ukraine joining NATO

When America supports Ukraine USA military equipment has to be replaced or made THUS more jobs decreasing inflation … Poll Shows Americans Want Biden to Focus on Inflation Than Russia–Ukraine War

@YupItsMack_ @RenWojtaszek @rtb_2012 @Ukraine Who is invading America exactly? Is anyone threatening us now except millions and millions who are coming through our Southern border because the as@hole in the Nut House protects Ukrainian borders and not ours. So GFY, mor@n.

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