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@AnnetteLedesm14 @Man_Bear_Pig3 @RepAdamSchiff Dig deeper.. you'll find the laptop is real. Papa Joe and his family are the ones doing dirt. Not just Russia. It's Ukraine, China, and Albania is probably nastiest.

@Ryan_O_R You may be surprised to learn that Europeans are allowed to freely travel through the EU. Ukraine is not in the EU. Neither is Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Albania, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc. Hence, that lady was absolutely correct to voice her concerns. You plank.

@eeichon2 @FreemanK2022 @vmax_14 We should support those fleeing war or persecution, not economic migrants ‘fleeing’ Germany, France, Albania, Georgia, etc. As to your point on nationality, I value cultures. Would you tell someone from Ukraine, Japan, or Nigeria that their nationality doesn’t matter?

@RepRaskin Your lying again!!!! Emails show different. Ukraine, Albania, Kosovo CHINA and HUNTER. Nothing Trump.

@HardBoiledEddie @SenTedCruz You should really talk to your therapist. Do you pay any attention to news? Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., is a foreign agent and he had plenty of help getting there. He has deals with Russia, Ukraine, China and now we are finding out, Albania. Pay attention Ed.

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