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@omvny_phillips @dirtpoor10again Maybe he didn't want to be perceived as supporting nazis in the Aidar & Azov battalions of Ukraine that Democrats have no problem supporting.

@theoldmanrabbi @Seveerity @GonzaloLira1968 That's a good way to describe Azov and Aidar and Tornado battalions that rape and pillage the streets of Donbas past 8 years . Ukraine army stealing washing machines (that is spun as propaganda onto Russians) :

@Command33r @ukraine_world It was the people of the Donbass who arose against the Kiev government and their Allies in Aidar and Azov. Are they low life too. Who scuppered the Steinmeier idea in 2019. Oh that's right, it was the far right in Ukraine

In a 2017 TV segment about the Aidar, Dnipro-1 and Azov Battalions, Jankowicz presented the groups as heroic volunteers deafening Ukraine from “further Russian separatist encroachment.” via @YouTube

@shaw_olga @NatallkaUKR This is a Dutch newpaper from 2014 the reason Putin started to invade Ukraine. You can easily copy some text to translate with google.translate and read what Aidar has done to the people of the Donbass... killed by their own Ukranians...

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