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@maksymeristavi Ukraine is overwhelmingly white... Because they've never colonized Africa or participated in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. That's a good thing.

@CheriJacobus @RpsAgainstTrump And by morons like the ones writing for @RStatecraft as well, who compared arming Ukraine to arming the Mujahedin. They have excellent authors on Africa, but only colonial myths on Ukraine.

@Baccietto @maria_drutska There will be a response. It may be somewhere else, like against Wagner PMC's in Africa or Syria. Could also be to accelerate an arms shipment or sanctions package or to provide Ukraine with something that hasn't been previously supplied.

Most excellent —— Western leaders flock to Africa to ‘lecture’ them to stand with ‘Ukraine & the West’ using the ol’ ‘with us or against us!’ line So African leaders respond with ‘who are you to lecture us on anything?’ go take a hike!

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