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@MikePerryavatar It's often worth the investment when it's forced upon you, like with Russia invading Ukraine. But so is a lot of stuff that just isn't as "adventurous." Eradicating hookworm in the American South took about 5 years and $1 million. It's a major prob in Africa today.

@Justin_B_Smith @semaforben @opinion Great summary on history, geography on Africa in context of US hypocrisy. All while it sends $1 billion every week to Ukraine wink wink $lmt, $gd

@AsahObinna @marymodestus Should we all pray for Africa to come back to empires it was part of? That’s what happens in Ukraine. russia tries to return its former colonies.

@ManciSiya @apmassaro3 I agree Russia, USA, China, France, Uk, Belgium, Dutch all now or formerly colonial powers So why do you want to support Russia as is attempts to colonise, destroy, people, culture and language in Ukraine? See Russian Wagner kills in Africa 👇

@Schmitt_ILaw 1971 GA China res. involved deciding between 2 govts claiming to represent entirety of the same territory - very different from Ukraine/Russia. Some legal experts question legality of 1974 GA decision re So. Africa as it blurs line between credentials & representation.

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