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@camiloreports @KrishVignarajah Does Afghanistan has different security concerns than Ukraine, considering one is a failed state a criminals and religious zealots?

100 million displaced people around the world are fleeing war, violence, persecution & other emergencies in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria and more. Join @RESCUEorg in asking the Biden administration to set a refugee admissions goal of 125k:

@herbertscumslut @lemkemj84 @FieldLolo @FINALLEVEL Plz turn on the news and see what's happening in Ukraine. And let's not forget Afghanistan.

@orwellsghost12 @KylexWalsh @notTheViashino @killshock360 @beinlibertarian That website says 12. Doesn't specify if they were US troops. So you believe no matter who was elected Afghanistan would have panned out the same way and Russia would have invaded Ukraine. This is sophistry. That everything would be the same no matter what.

@47whitebuffalo South America is learning like South Vietnam and Afghanistan learned that to survive they must push American military operations out. Let's hope Ukraine gets the hint

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