Afghanistan - Ukraine Tweets

@robreiner GDP terrible. Market down. Inflation 1.4 to 8.5% Gas 2.20 to 4.30. Afghanistan. Southern Border. Ukraine. Documents. Approval rating officially 36%. Ya he's real good you fat tub of jello

Will we boycott the Olympics? I think we should. The situation in Ukraine is much more egregious than the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, Ukraine and now a rogue Chinese balloon 🎈. There are consequences for weakness. Even if they shoot it down now, the Biden administration looks weak for not doing it immediately!

@JoJoFromJerz Let's also remember that is because of Joe Biden that our country lost its energy Independence our borders R wide open he's starting world war 3 in other countries he's giving our taxpayer $ over 200 billion 2 the Ukraine and Afghanistan Joe Biden is the domestic enemy of U.S.A.

I'm less concerned about a Chinese balloon than the billions Uncle Sam will funnel into the Military Industrial Complex over this. What do these have in common? - Iraqi WMDs - Finding Bin Laden - Syria - Afghanistan - Ukraine - UAPs Billions in U.S. Military funding.

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