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@Weinsteinlaw And now the US is funding, fuelling & arming death, destruction & despair in Ukraine. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen & Vietnam were not enough for the neo-liberalists. US is a culture & international force of guns & death. If this is US "exceptionalism", I don't want it.

Biden’s approval was still close to 46-48 after Afghanistan. Delta hurt it more, then inflation and Ukraine raising gas prices. Don’t think Afghanistan or Covid have any effect on it now.

@zerowondering Every country has good & bad including mine. Of course, the US is a better place to live in than places like Afghanistan or Somalia. But if there continues to be mass shootings across the country, then that makes it no different from living in a war zone like Ukraine.

@ChrisFirewall @GreenHombre @LeonLeoParty @thehill @TheHillOpinion You kidding? Biden is the most corrupt politician who's not Nancy Pelosi. Why do you think the media is keeping the Hunter story low key? How can any anyone in this economy think he's competent? He fvcked up Afghanistan, the economy, Ukraine, the border. What's wrong with you

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