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Does #Afghanistan and #Ukraine bring memories of #September11? Dear #America: Because you need to know the difference between Christians and Muslims. Includes the gospel in 5 sentences.

When Russia invaded Ukraine & the Europeans opened their borders & their homes to to citizens of the country, MEP @ClareDalyMEP asked tough question on differentiation between them people of #Afghanistan. Now she raises equally valid point: #StopHazaraGenocide #StopTajikGenocide

The same people screaming for years to end the war with Afghanistan will soon want to send troops to Ukraine for another 20 year war.

@LaissezSapien It was a different conflict then, Ukraine had a much more corrupt and illiberal government, Russia's aims were more limited, and we need to maintain relations with Russia as part of our war in Afghanistan. None of that was true anymore in February when they invaded again.

@Peoples_Pundit @PortiaRedux @JoeBiden True. North Korea did not set off bombs. Russia did not invade Ukraine. Taiwan was safer. It’s all a mess bc of Biden. Then Afghanistan. That’s the worst.

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