AdamKinzinger - Ukraine Tweets

@LouisJMarinelli @AdamKinzinger Since Ukraine, as a nation, is older than Russia, other than by force and against Ukrainian's will, Russia has no claim to Ukrainian territory.

@coltsejk @AdamKinzinger This republican is far from pro Russia. I’m not pro Russia or pro Ukraine. I say we stay out of their nonsense and worry about our borders!!

@AdamKinzinger While our country crumbles around us, Kinzinger only cares about Ukraine.

@AdamKinzinger Why in the world would we continue to support Ukraine. It’s insane. I don’t support bailing out student loans but I’d rather spend our money bailing them out ANY day than bailing out another country

@AdamKinzinger This very strange man continues to believe that he is patriot. He is, of course, a parody. Once again, if this POS believes that we must fight Russia over Ukraine, he needs to quit congress, attain Ukrainian citizenship, join the Ukrainian military, and fight that war.

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