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@CodeMonkeyZ The preparation needed is a hardening of the electric grid vs EMP attacks. The fools in Congress have been warned about this for years, but they would rather burn through money on Abrams tanks to get blown up in Ukraine

With Biden’s decision to send 31 of our INVINCIBLE Abrams tanks into Ukraine, Kyiv will surely defeat Russia! Just look at how well Abrams tanks deflect incoming missiles https://t.co/UFmGQq3GGn 01

Legitimate question if we are gonna give Abrams tanks and Bradley's to Ukraine are we now in fact gonna now allow them into Nato because why give something to someone if there's a possibility of them falling into enemies hands if they surrender.

@ToddGaterTop @AmazingRanger83 I don't think Ukraine should receive the Abrams. Can't imagine how long it will take to train a full tank company (for combat)... It takes 15 wks to train a driver & a loader (another 6 months for them to be proficient at basic duties). Gunners & TC will take Lord knows.

US sends 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine for $400 million Ukrainian Armed Forces are supported by the United States & Europe with modern military equipment. The army of fascist Putin will be defeated, and the Russian terrorist state will be destroyed. https://t.co/IKRCai3Raf 05

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