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@ZelenskyyUa @jonasgahrstore The people of Ukraine are fighting for their lives and Americans are fighting over a reality show fruitcake who politicized a deadly airborne virus. I've never been so ashamed of America.

@gmugg68 Absolutely George. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt governments in the world so to even consider what he says is international suicide. We must continue to show diplomacy and keep promises if we want a peaceful outcome ♥️

@Jmizzle212 @GOP_U @paulsperry_ All refuted by mainstream media. I will demonstrate how you are the one brainwashed. 1. Hunter Biden definitely funded bioweapons projects in Ukraine. This is a fact.

@VictorK1862 Ukraine is vulnerable because it’s security was not guaranteed, just like Moldova or Georgia

@NPRKelly @npratc If you're allowed to do this with the approval of the Islamic Republic of Iran, then your report automatically loses credibility. What you're doing is like going to Russia &asking them what they think of Vladimir Putin & the War in Ukraine...dishonest responses due to fear.

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