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Such an important collection of articles - a must read for those who care about #Ukraine, #solidarity, and/or #feminism. As a preview, read the final paragraph of Polish scholar Agnieszka Graff's contribution "Solidarity with Ukraine, or: why East-West still Matters to Feminism"

❣️❣️Latest updates on the war in Ukraine #南通 #南通线下

@strategywoman I’m a Ukrainian Canadian who won’t shut up about Ukraine. So many people remain silent so I am louder to make up for their lack of empathy and action. Xoxo

Today, I am super excited to talk to you about Akounto: The accounting super app that will streamline all of your accounting processes from invoicing, to tax filing, and everything in between. #Akounto #accounting #invoice #USA #Ukraine #RedmiNote12

❣️❣️Latest updates on the war in Ukraine #北京 #北京线下

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