40 billion - Ukraine Tweets

@SwinCash @POTUS @VP @brittneygriner Yo Russia I know we’re supplying 40 billion in weapons to Ukraine but can you free Britney Griner when you get the chance?

@jmweber9 @1hopz Only $4 billion from $40 billion allocated by US senate for arms and associated purchases allow Ukraine and other countries to buy new military equipment, not just get items from existing stocks. https://t.co/B6nBYPPCSs

@IvanKasanzew @TomiLahren $40 billion was sent to Ukraine to make it Totalitarian by Democrats!

@SamRamani2 Until the war started Ukraine was known has having one of the most corrupt govts in the world. That 40 billion in taxes we sent is most likely in the pockets of corrupt U.S/Ukrainian politicians. Between that and the progressives virtue signaling support in the U.S is dying.

@CBSNews Isn't this the same Ukraine that Biden bribed with $1 billion in aid in order to get a prosecutor fired so he couldn't investigate Hunter? Hmmm... I wonder what that $40 billion we just sent them was really for...

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