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@KingXLMMI @DISSENT_4_4 @mmpadellan Yeah the lefturds think advocating for illegals breaking our immigration laws & disrespecting US sovereignty isn't f2cking America. They think sending billions of dollars of taxpayer money to Ukraine isn't f2cking America.

Let us all dream big for Ukraine. It will win this war, it already is. But winning is not enough. It will also become a global superpower. It is already a global leader thanks to Zelensky and its people fighting daily. There. Is. No. Limit. To. Ukraine.

@j4joy1 @BBCWorld Stop reading comedy books the reality is Putin destroyed Ukraine.this war hasn’t started you wake up one morning to find one huge car park called Ukraine.

@SuhaylBeginsel @HalldorRG @danielmkovalik Under 2% in Ukraine, and over 5% in Russia and since Russia has a far larger population then Ukraine... I'm sure even you can do the math

Part of the objective of Project Orbital in Ukraine 2015-2019 was to strengthen nazism in the command structure of the AFU. Decommunization of tactics and sentiments - Dmitri Fedorov

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