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Tweet below in reference to Ukraine, can also be applied to the current situation in America. Perpetrators = NRA, GOP, SCOTUS

A 32-year-old #Indian national working as a security guard at India's Embassy here in Nepal #shot himself dead inside. Read more and download the latest update on Russia and Ukraine Conflict at

President @ZelenskyyUa is urging the world to bear witness and take action to support the people of #Ukraine. Listen to his words and join me in taking action ➡️

@OZendao @RWApodcast Okay but what the does it mean when whe the alarm of raids goes off in the the region? In particular with the current situation in Ukraine?

@Reuters Yea, some liberation. Looting and murdering their way across Ukraine. Forcing men in Donbas to war without proper equipment or training to be cannon fodder and become fertilizer in Ukrainian soil. There will be nobody except cripples and women left in Donbas when this is over.

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