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@FirasHamda2 @JohnNoles16 @KevinCastley @AnonymousMusl17 @jacksonhinklle Ok stay w me. Putin attacked....US Avian flu labs IN Ukraine. Remember Zel crying about Russia moving unmanned tanks to the border 2yrs back?....Well 2017 Ukraine was "1st to global market" with.....The 1st purchasable unmanned tank busters....They literally MAKE unmanned tanks

@tizzers19 @jeanrae1937 @DefenceU @SkyNews LOL ... NOT 2nd, but 1st‼️‼️‼️ Mobilization of mercenaries: Why Poland is preparing to send HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of thousands of troops to Ukraine https://t.co/NxVlX1Em87 https://t.co/V8oSdO6MkM

@Jenifer46277051 @UnityNewsNet 2/ Putin's meat grinder approach in Ukraine. 1st it was a Lada (0 delivered!) and now it's bags of carrots. Ruzzia is a 3rd world country. NATO is purely defensive and countries on Ruzzia's borders joined to protect against what is happening now to Ukraine. NATO v RF = No contest

@MSNBC And it was Trump that 1st provided aid and military (OK national guard) to Ukraine . Unlike Obamas, reset policy towards Russia. Or how Biden offers East Ukraine to Russia to stop the war. It was Vice news that called the Ukraine forces Fasict during the invasion of Crimea.

While waiting for the arrival of NATO tanks, the artillery and tanks of the 114th brigade of the 1st army corps in Donetsk massacred a terrorist group from Ukraine. https://t.co/ax6486svS6

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