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@ClassicalView @slapidybass @CJLemontea @kcchapman32 @catchwreck3 @The_Real_Fly Ukrainians did that just to humor Germany and France - but when Russians send chief negotiator who writes treatises that Ukraine should not exist as a state - noone expected anything of it. We (Baltics especially) dont trust Russians about anything. continuing to buy Russian gas until Putin decides to switch it off. He controls the revenue from us to finance his genocide in Ukraine. The moral approach would be a ban on Russian fossil fuels NOW & real 🇪🇺solidarity to adapt..

@Eebo01 Yes. Zelensky closed all independent TV channels and exterminated all independent journalists. The SBU threatens to kill people and children of those people who dare to say in Ukraine their opinion other than that of Zelensky. They kill for a word-this is now a bandit country.

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