Ukraine Tweets What after months does the New York Times finally admit that Ukraine has lost the war? For months the New York Times said, day after day, Russia's military was taking a beating with Ukraine holding its own. Zelensky has lost the entire Black Sea coast.

🇺🇦❗An uncut video has surfaced showing how the bastard from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is shooting at the children. The children run away. And this is not in the frontline zone, but in Kiev.

@StreetBible31 @AfricaFactsZone Which world? People are busy with this Ukraine nonsense caused by Americans and nato, you're even donating, funding that war, ignoring one of yr own, forget about the world, they care less about Africans.

Losses of the #Russians from 24.02. until 13.06. #Russian in #Ukraine day 109 / 32.300 dead soldiers 150 more dead soldier

@pbump @WillaABell1 We're caught up in the spin cycle of an industrial washing machine where reason is being quashed. The myriad of issues is causing some to flirt with the edges of anarchy, a step beyond Trumpism; gun issues, inflation, war in Ukraine, debris from Trump et al, who'll head 1/

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