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@IntegralStrate1 @jdallen_wa @SanderRegter @ReneDuba @AdinOfCrimea @BorschtBursht @BNABohte @ukraine_map @Milan8662 "100,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed or injured in the war in Ukraine" - this dont means there is 100k killed. It's that simple. Again, people are dying, but much more Russians are dying then on Ukraine side. I am sure you seen videos of death.

@curiousabtall @Gudimanchi @anirvanghosh @DavidSacks None of these things is true. To take just one example, they have lost over 100k soldiers and will lose many times more than that to take Ukraine. They already have a shortage of young men due to generations of low birth rates. They are headed for demographic collapse.

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Icymi: Biden's nominee for U.S. attorney has $280,000 investment in Sberbank, the Russian bank under sanction for funding the Ukraine war. She's received $100k in dividends from Sberbank and $1 million in dividends from Moscow Stock Exchange https://t.co/uZustMr6Uk

@GiveEmHellHorns Ukraine losses(wounded+killed) 100k+ Russia losses(wounded+killed) 180k+ Confirmed by Norway Defense of Staff and Pentagon. Cope

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