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@Johnny5Run @JimmyJohns29 @TheRealJamesFB @609ZE @esaagar @elonmusk We aren't debating that at all what? We're not playing good guys and bad guys dude. But even if we were, unambiguously the guys pillaging and raping there way though other peoples houses at the behest of a power tripping egomaniac are the bad ones. Ukraine is defending itself.

@MelnykAndrij @elonmusk With such diplomacy skills not surprised where is Ukraine now….🥴

@Kama_Kamilia @BravoKilo6464 Love your work, Irishman who was married to a lady from Odesa but sadly she left me due to homesickness, I love Ukraine & support in any way I can, including bringing 2 families to Ireland. Looking forward to my NAFO, thank you and Слава Україні

@btbsoco NATO, a third party (like Russia in A-A conflict) shadowy interest, and bully of Ukraine, which is really a mask for America had essentially forced Russia to react.&What about Russian blood? Did you miss Putins countless pleadings beforehand for America to stop?

@TimRunsHisMouth Ukraine just stays in their own land, that's called peace. Russian is on other people's land, that called war.

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