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@EmbassyofRussia @RussianEmbassyC @mfa_russia @PMSimferopol @RussianEmbassy @RusMission_EU @RusEmbUSA @RusConsCapetown @MauriceSchleepe @calebmaupin @georgegalloway @v_tretyakov Nazism is ruZzia invading Ukraine and causing mass murder, genocide, destruction of towns and cities and theft of anything it can steal. The acts of a terrorist state.

Mariupol, filmed during the battles for the city.The occupiers use the UR-77 in residential areas and designed to make moves in anti-tank minefields.The use of such weapons in residential areas is a war crime, as the civilian has no chance of surviving such strikes.#Ukraine

@business Hopefully they'll be able to make a balanced breakthrough and Erdogan isn't just passing on a Russian approved plan full of Putin's concessionary demands for Ukraine #Erdogan #Zelensky

@JoyNewsOnTV Those in Ukraine receiving the bombs are they feeling such heat we experiencing in the economy. We are tired of these useless explanations.

U.S. has told Moscow that use of tactical nuclear weapons is crossing the line and will elicit a NATO response The only way Moscow can possibly use a nuclear bomb is to breach one of the nuclear reactors by attacking it and blaming Ukraine, which is precisely what they're saying

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