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@arlene8022 @LindseyGrahamSC You manufactured this war in this corrupt country so you could funnel tens of billions into the pockets of your cronies. Less than 4k Ukraine civilians have died in the same time 110k Americans have died due to fentanyl. Get your priorities straight!

❣️❣️Latest updates on the war in Ukraine #杭州资源 #杭州丝足

@ConservBrief Trump is the best. We would not have the Ukraine war, had the election not been stolen from him.

@SqueeBib @Gigau_MEIOU @AnonCarinthia @Osinttechnical @US_EUCOM But this war is not exclusively by proxy. We didn’t give that reaper to Ukraine. It was ours. Just like our AWACS, our satellites, and everything else we operate over there. We are using our own assets to fight against Russia in Ukraine. That is direct, not by proxy.

Well, Russia is at war there and it wasn't one of theirs. They probably identified it as a craft allied with Ukraine and were correct. Who is provoking whom? Russian fighter jet collides with U.S. drone causing it to crash into Black Sea via @OANN

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