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@JamesOKeefeIII @JamesOKeefeIII well done sir! The biggest Pfizer advertisers aren’t covering it, but everyone else knows. Only Canadians and Ukraine grifters don’t get it.

@ProudElephantUS No. We should send 1000 M1s (or 300 Challenger IIs, and 300 Leopard 2s, and 300 M1As) along with 2000 Bradleys (or 2000 M1113s). Why? To give Ukraine the ability to kick the RUS (orcs) out of Ukraine. The proviso is the Ukrainians must not invade Russia. This should be limited.

@thevivafrei @tm8093 @AnitaAnandMP @CanadianForces @CDS_Canada_CEMD Yeah, I agree, go join the fight, free the Ukraine. Mind you, you have a first nations people that are still trapped in open air prisons called Indian reserves. Let’s free them after we free the Ukraine!

Russia Ukraine conflict is the picture perfect example of a forever war so of course the U.S. is doing as much as it can to interject

@uvic so are you really telling people they can't say Caucasian because a nazi scientist when he discovered it called it the most beautiful skull. Yet you have liberal ideology classes, the same party representing Nazis from Ukraine for last 70 years.

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