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May 👇 ‘We Cannot Save Ukraine By Dooming The U.S. Economy’ via @YouTube

@_Kris_Snow_ @Juvak @VojtaMT @calvinrobinson @JackPosobiec Well, that's a very convenient interpretation. You will go to your grave denying that the guy whose son had a (dummy) job in Ukraine through corruption was protecting their racket using extortion, like that's normal in sum

@_Kris_Snow_ @Juvak @VojtaMT @calvinrobinson @JackPosobiec You claimed, and I quote: "Republicans knew at the time & were part of that Ukraine funding & the policy" The republicans were not part of this quid pro quo policy, which is why Johnson is asking "When did the United States government determine that Shokin should be removed?”

@_Kris_Snow_ @Juvak @VojtaMT @calvinrobinson @JackPosobiec OMG! LOL You think they were trying to weed out corruption? Ukraine is a laundromat - that's why Hunter was on the Board of a company whose business he has zero clue about, of a country whose language he doesn't speak - making $80K/month, while on crack

This is the Swiss feeling a crispy winter coming up ❄️ Russia says Switzerland cannot represent its interests in Ukraine

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