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@ElbridgeColby So Ukraine needs more intensive help from allies, especially from nuclear powers and signatories of Budapest Memorandum with deeper moral commitment before the Russians learn more. Do you agree Elbridge?

@ElbridgeColby So we need to immediately increase the scale of assistance to Ukraine, specifically from signatories of Budapest Memo so that Ukraine reclaims its territory as soon as possible, so that we can focus together on preparing for the threat of China? Is that your message?

@BGRnl1 @MaximoMustero @weegeedutchie Same applies to any weapons including 1a5. Ukraine is thankful for any even older weapons when most modern are missing or there isn't a will to deliver them. Better than fighting with bare hands. This enlightenment helps this discussion much. 👌

@MaximoMustero @BGRnl1 @weegeedutchie Yes, maybe there are other accessible option for Ukraine. This is why even 1a5 comes into discussion. Or delivered Gepards thar despite the age found great application. Of topic of topic. Again you are shifting focus.

@MaximoMustero @BGRnl1 @weegeedutchie Because, for example, the volume of supplies to Ukraine is increasing? Didn't you think of that? There's no sensation. You will have to deal with it.

@KdwUh @uuuomo @JanLeschke @KWK_Rymer @bopanc @khalafroula @AndrzejDuda 100% this is what is purposefuly overlooked. That equipment serves almost 6 months in Ukraine. No one else did it.

@helenrsthl @weegeedutchie What are you talking about?Per GDP most accurately reflects the extent to which a country gives up its own wealth to help Ukraine. I think childish is what you do. Yes childish, I see some victims are turning into aggressors.

@apmassaro3 @fhenriques We need to keep cohesion, continuous and strong support for Ukraine, democracy and not support forces that are trying to break EU in two, opportunistic and corrupted regimes.

@apmassaro3 And what do you see here? When did the Russian aggression in Ukraine start? I thought that in 2014.(if not sooner)

@NikolajFr @MarkHertling They're all linked, use same dirty methods for undermining democracy. Only lucky thing for Ukraine is that Polish sentiment was so strongly in favour of Ukraine so even this 5th column of Kremlin had to change course(at least on the surface). Poles will not reelect them.

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