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@Mitch_NAU @mhtfl @ragipsoylu Europe is the largest arms supplier to Saudi Arabia. Europe pays Russia 30 billion Euros per month for oil and gas. and the war financer EU. If the Ukraine war ends today, EU presidents will be in the Kremlin. No European can teach ethics to Turkey.

@1MHZ_CS @jwwilken @Klinate321 @oryxspioenkop Russia is the world's largest grain producer and Turkey has been buying grain from Russia for 10 years. This grain is determined by the united nations, not Turkey. Turkey is helping Ukraine for grain stocks.

@jwwilken @Klinate321 @oryxspioenkop Germany sent old non-combatable weapons. sent anti-aircraft and no ammunition. Only Germany and Switzerland use it in the world, and Switzerland refused to supply this ammunition. Germany sent a sack of garbage to Ukraine.

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