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Our border is less secure then Ukraine yet we send them 60 billion dollars while we spend zero on ours. It’s deliberate and it’s called destroying the USA from the inside out.

This “dude” puts the Ukraine flag before the American flag in his profile. The only people who support him are democrats. He has no constituents. Just sad little MSNBC approved tweets like a good little puppet.

Anyone who is running on the Republican ticket needs to commit to not supporting another dollar for Ukraine and promise they will work on active deportation of all of the illegal immigrants that came here since Biden invaded the White House.

The War in Ukraine cost 60 billion to make while Fast 8 cost 60 million to make and Fast 8 is way more believable.

We are sending another 1.7 billion dollars to Ukraine. Since we are broke we will have to be borrowing that money from China. Stop the money laundering. America is broke.

Money to Ukraine, oil to China and inflation for America. That’s liberalism. It’s the idiotic philosophy that needs to be excised not just it’s corrupt superspreaders in government and the media.

I know. We are all praying that for once the people we elect will actually give a crap about us instead of themselves. How much of that 40 billion has Ukraine seen btw?

Again how come celebrities didn’t go make photo op trips to any other country whose war we funded in the past? What’s up with Ukraine hosting the fake glitterati?

That never happened. You know what did happen? Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire the prosecutor that was investigating his crack head son by threatening to withhold promised aide. We all remember that. In fact it’s on tape. Where’s your outrage over that?

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