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Wyatt Spivey
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@SchopsShop @Mgilliam @MadmanMcArdle @greg_price11 Every single tank, troop or tube Ukraine destroyed with U.S. tax dollars is a justification for Russia to invade us.

@ReginaldShoe42 @mikeshines_ @WomenPostingLs Athiest in bio + pronouns in bio + Ukraine flag pfp. Your opinions are less than worthless.

@masscreati0nbr Look. The only way Ukraine wins this war is if other countries put boots on the ground. I don't want the U.S. to be one of those countries.

@CaaOperator @RazMataZ00 @princeps_c @Bama_Girl2020 @samstreetwrites Ukraine is not a member of NATO, they had a coup d'etat less than a decade ago, and they will not win this war. Sending arms only increases the body count, worsens the global economy, and makes an already extremely hostile Russia more hostile.

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