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I had a chance to do a lengthy and very substantive interview with Ukraine鈥檚 President Zelensky. He was very blunt on a whole host of sensitive issues. The prime time @CNN special airs tonight 9PM ET. Please join us. https://t.co/stCZnqCXDM

I鈥檒l be back tonight 9PM ET for a @CNNSitRoom special report on the war in Ukraine. The former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson joins me. https://t.co/QxP4yrsVj3

Lots of important news today. I鈥檒l see you tonight in the @CNNSitRoom at 6PM ET and later tonight I will anchor a special prime time edition of The Situation Room at 9PM ET on President Biden鈥檚 unprecedented trip to Ukraine. https://t.co/U1jPAlcdVD

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