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@MelSimmonsFCDO Noted. @Pontifex only one way to rectify this, @KremlinRussia_E complete withdrawal of ALL of Ukraine. Simple.

Finally you acknowledge the terrorist who is responsible for the genocide of innocent Ukrainians. Total withdrawal from all of Ukraine

@KimDotcom What if Russia withdrew from Ukraine鈥? Ahhhhh peace 鉁岋笍

@LOCthedreamer1 The way out is very clear. Ukraine keep pushing 馃嚪馃嚭out retake all land back from the thieves. There鈥檚 your peace 馃憣

@EngstrT And we鈥檙e stealing bread from Ukraine鈥︷煠p煠p煠

@Pontifex Talking if bread,..Ukraine have had much of their grain stolen by 馃嚪馃嚭鈥.

@WallacePresto @DavidHbrg @GrayskullJeff @Puro_Hueso_133 @ragipsoylu Your right, boots in the ground, Ukraine gave five more in the past month than Russia in 7 months. Troop numbers isn鈥檛 everything, advanced equipment strategy, will, morale are far superior in 馃嚭馃嚘

@L8zyboy108 @HartenLuke @ragipsoylu Ukraine weren鈥檛 fully mobilised in 2914 and nor were the west supplying . But your right, it鈥檚 game over for Putin, 馃嚭馃嚘 allies are too powerful and even China and others are stepping back鈥

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