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Pretty obvious that the biggest national security threat we face is Ukraine lying us into World War III

Conservadorks view a “bad candidate” as anyone who is to the right of them and/or disagrees with giving infinite $ to Ukraine

Democrats think @ggreenwald and @tulsigabbard left them, not the other way around In other news the Democrat “progressive caucus” just completely rejected the idea of a diplomatic solution in Ukraine

There are so many distinct problems with this statement, but the first and most obvious is that we've given Ukraine billions worth of weapons already and Putin hasn't withdrawn

Investigated? He’s not a part of the government, he owes no duty to Ukraine, you are a lunatic

I think Elon actually laid out a pretty good off-ramp Russia keeps Crimea, UN-supervised referendums in the "annexed" territories, Ukraine neutrality Likely outcome is status quo ante, Russia unlikely to get any further territory, Putin could sell it https://t.co/9i88tvgje4

@ellencarmichael Sure - but how we balance those interests vis-a-vis our support of Ukraine is up to us, not the Ukrainians And Ukraine's maximalist "we will not negotiate with Putin, he must unilaterally withdraw" doesn't strike the right balance, IMO

"What, you don't think that Ukraine is a perfectly innocent paragon of goodness, and that Vladimir Putin is evil incarnate?" No, lol

Some blue-check pointing and sputtering here Obsessing over semantics while not addressing the fundamental point We are Ukraine's benefactor, they do not get to dictate terms to us https://t.co/Yh9BP0XWxJ

This is the underpants gnomes theory of Russian statecraft Step 1: Force Putin to withdraw from Ukraine Step 2: ???????? Step 3: Putin quietly resigns as Russian President https://t.co/sK215284rs

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