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Ukraine has been pushing to take back as much of its occupied territory as it can before Russia potentially sends hundreds of thousands of reinforcements to the battlefield, following a recent mobilization effort.

Opinion by Max Boot: Sorry, Elon Musk. You don鈥檛 have the formula to end the Ukraine war.

Elon Musk tweeted a 鈥減eace plan鈥 for Ukraine. The internet was not impressed.

Marina Ovsyannikova 鈥 the Russian journalist who made international headlines after protesting the war in Ukraine live on state television in March 鈥 has escaped house arrest and fled with her 11-year-old daughter, according to Russia鈥檚 Interior Ministry.

Russia鈥檚 rubber stamp lower house of parliament, the State Duma, unanimously approved President Vladimir Putin鈥檚 bill and constitutional changes on Monday, formalizing the illegal seizure of four regions of Ukraine, with the vote in no doubt.

What you need to know about the Russia-Ukraine war today: - Russia鈥檚 so-called treaties on annexation are expected to pass this week. - Ukraine on Sunday celebrated retaking the town of Lyman, a key Russian logistics hub in the Donetsk region.

Videos and images verified by The Washington Post show Russians are angry and afraid for their lives. Dozens of protests broke out in large cities and rural areas that have already lost many men to the war in Ukraine.

Prominent Republicans are digging in against American support for Ukraine despite Russia鈥檚 threats to use nuclear weapons and evidence of mass graves and war crimes facilitated by Moscow.

Russian birch wood has continued to flow to American consumers, disguised as Asian products, despite U.S. economic sanctions imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, a new report says.

Putin overruled his top security service in prisoner swap with Ukraine

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