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@jmichael424 Reflects the failure if Ukrainian/NATO stratcomms on the war in Ukraine beyond Western MSM/social media.

This is especially the case in relation to the war in Ukraine. If Telegram becomes THE platform for sustaining the archive of this war then how will Ukraine sustain their successful information operation in the West?

@BO3673 Commentary on here is overblown. No one knows what their primary and secondary objectives were. Now though they shorten their lines and try to rebuild over winter, knowing that it is equally tough for Ukraine.

Listening to @MarkGaleotti on #r4today describe the war in Ukraine as a war that has defied prediction! https://t.co/YS0LZQUqKg

The Ukraine Conflict Monitor from @konrad_muzyka continues to offer important updates on the war in Ukraine: 鈥淩ussia deploys around 50,000-65,000 mobilised reservists in combat and combat support missions in Ukraine鈥 1/

@mathew_gilb @thinkdefence Precisely so. And it has interesting implications and feedback loops on how war in Ukraine is being fought.

@BehaviouralC @JasFourTwo @StanMcChrystal PS: good luck writing that chapter on Ukraine! Everyone's doing the same. And therein lies the challenge. Publish quickly and be wrong. Wait too long and miss your chance to shape discussion!

@JasFourTwo Violence also gains and loses attention. Creating political effects and producing new views. It has a polarising effect on debate - we can see that in Ukraine. But yes. Am grateful that you're interested in pushing into the book and being open to our provocations.

@Mark1_1984 @thinkdefence In the first two weeks of the war in Ukraine it was all Finnish-Soviet War from 1939. Then it was no fly zones. Then it was Igor and the end of Putin. Since then it has been all sorts of concoctions. It was all overstated. & will now no doubt frame how the war is understood.

@thinkdefence Now you鈥檙e getting into it TD. 10yrs of war in Syria produced 40yrs of footage about the war. The first 80 days of war in Ukraine produced 10 years of footage. How can we humanly understand this quantity of material or even begin to turn it into meaningful learning points?

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