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Why don't the MEP's promoting this #US #NATO Proxy War in Ukraine go and fight in the War themselves, or send their son..? Or is the War so stupid that they're happy to leave it to the less privileged Ukrainians to do the dying...?

And #EuropeanUnion likes to tell us that Ukraine are fighting for our "Values" and for Democracy - Looks like our desire to undermine Russia at the behest of #US Empire knows no bounds - Freedom of Expression + Press Freedom only important when it suits.. https://t.co/nAlSSCUsi0

It's a sad day when even the Army people are less subservient to the Military Industrial Complex than the Politicians in the #US and the #EU who are ridiculous enough to continue fueling the War in Ukraine at the risk of seeing Nuclear weapons being used...

'Stop the Wars, Save the Climate' - A good message for all those in the #EU who say they care about tackling the #ClimateCrisis but still think it's ok to promote the #US #NATO Proxy War in Ukraine. US Imperialism, NATO and Military Industrial Complex are a Disaster for Planet...

European Court of Auditors 2021 Report on #EU 15Bn spend in Ukraine - "We found that although EU has backed reforms to fight corruption...grand corruption remains a key problem in Ukraine". How mad that EU Commission dismisses talk of corruption in Ukraine as Russia Propaganda..? https://t.co/4xG2y6UpFR

European Court of Auditors 2021 Report on EU 15Bn spend in Ukraine - "We found that although #EU has backed reforms to fight corruption... grand corruption remains a key problem in Ukraine" How crazy that EU Commission wants to pretend talk of corruption is Russian Propaganda...?

US Military is largest non State Polluter in the World - 140 States combined Pollute less than #US Military. Do @fiannafailparty + @FineGael supporters of US Imperialism have concerns for the #environment ? Why are #Greens all across #EU so complicit in US Proxy War in Ukraine..?

Something for the Politicians from @fiannafailparty + @FineGael to consider as they support #US #NATO Proxy War in Ukraine. About time they contemplated the idea of Peace as an alternative to War. Time to represent your people instead of representing Military Industrial Complex..

It was a good day for the #EU when working-class Dubliner Tony Murphy was elected President of European Court of Auditors, one of the more impressive bodies in the EU. They did an excellent Report on Ukraine last year + found it to be one of the most corrupt countries in Europe.. https://t.co/Ka5kOtpo6E

Interesting that Ukraine says it shares 'Values' with the Apartheid State of #Israel ...

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