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@AFP The only difference is that NATO and US overtly supply weapons to Ukraine, while North Korea is doing it covertly to Russia. Covertly or overtly are the only points of debate.

@ChuckCallesto With this, a new dimension gets added to the Ukraine war. Surprising that Russia did not know of US soldiers fighting in Ukraine all the while. Or, did it want to downplay this very major development? With NATO/US now arrayed against it, would Russia not up the ante in the war?

@SamRamani2 And Zelenskiy still weeps for more only to be snubbed by Biden. NATO seems to have taken a backseat in the Ukraine war these days. Why? Because of resistance from within to its policies against Russia?

@Reuters See the difference? When Putin wants, he can change the size and shape of the deliberation table. Not to mention the distance between each of them. Lest we forget, when some world leaders called on Putin during the Ukraine war, the table size, shape and distance were different.

@JackPosobiec Isn鈥檛 it beyond one鈥檚 comprehension how just one world politician destroyed world peace and changed the course of world geopolitics. Had BoJo not committed the blunder of torpedoing the peace deal between Russia and Ukraine, the many who died in the war may still be alive.

@Faytuks UK economy is in doldrums. BOE has warned of difficult times ahead for the country鈥檚 financial health. But the government is busy supplying weapons to Ukraine. Isn鈥檛 this good governance?

@mikepompeo Isn鈥檛 that an improper thing to do? Giving weapons to Ukraine to win against Putin would be wrong strategy. Because Putin would not accept defeat in any form. Instead, he would unleash more lethal attacks on Zelenskiy鈥檚 forces. So, isn鈥檛 negotiations to end the war ideal?

@SamRamani2 If NATO and US can transfer weapons to Ukraine, in their small way Russia can also receive weapons from its friends.

@myself_kalyani @VeenaRamakrish7 @republic Zelenskiy was mocking Putin over small Ukraine victories during the lull period of the war. Putin knew his opportunity would come to retaliate.The Crimean bridge explosion gave him just that opportunity. He has used it to the hilt. The war may escalate. Nato/US closely watching.

@Faytuks Irrespective of who has done this, it is a serious set back to Russia. Of late, Putin鈥檚 forces have been at the receiving end, exposing its inability to face the Ukraine forces. He has to do something sensational to regain the confidence of his troops and the Russian pride.

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