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Wenn Theorie und Wirklichkeit nicht 眉bereinstimmen, dann hat nicht die Wirklichkeit ein Problem.
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@JuliaDavisNews If the Russian invasion of Ukraine weren't such a bloody affair, bringing so much pain to Ukraine, this squealing and handwringing among the Putin-propagandists would be outrightly hilarious.

Why it is even more important now to #StandWithUkraine The Ukrainian people deserve our wholehearted support in their fight against aggression. And that includes more weapons in order to defeat the invador.

@chumak_iryna I feel bad, too, for you. For you it must feel like living in a neverending nightmare. NATO has done quite a lot for Ukraine, but it could have done more. Why did we wait sending modern medium- to long-range air defense for so long? Ukraine deserves all support it needs.

Give Ukraine effectice air defense systems to protect their cities from this terror.

@IAPonomarenko They probably do not have any longer the capabilities to hurt Ukraine militarily, therefore the are ressorting to more acts of evil and terror. It is high time for the West to give Ukraine modern air defense systems.

@mrsorokaa Putin wants to send a signal, and it is a signal of brutality, hatred, destructiveness, which will increase the suffering of Ukrainian people, but also their resolve to destroy the invadors. To the Western Nations: Effective air defense systems for Ukraine, now!

@artursorin Panic! The world doesn't work the way Mr. Putin and Mr. Solovjov would like. The Russian state and army have been hollowed out by corruption and incompetence, and Ukraine is not the feeble victim they expected.

@OlgaOfUzhhorod I think that the actual significance and influence of intellectuals, politicians, lecturers, who are arguing against supporting Ukraine is overrated. It is a relative small circle of 'usual suspects' who always repeat the same 'arguments' and who are quite controversial.

@bctallis This may sound like paranoia, and probably it is, but: How did we get the pictures so fast? How is Ukraine supposed to have done it? Russian false flag operation to justify the use of nukes for the domestic audience? I hope I am wrong, the next hours will show.

@OlgaOfUzhhorod Actually I started my perception of Ukraine some time back, when the Maidan Revolution occurred in 2013/2014. My respect for your country has further increased ever since. And I enjoy hearing voices from Ukraine like yours.

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