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As a 1980s man in my late teens/early 20s never in my wildest imagination did I envisage Ukraine would become an enemy of Russia ..or that I'd live through the break up of the UK after, first (at best) a full cycle complete return to the economically destructive 1970s of my youth

@HindleyLancs it's twitter...and it's true Ukraine wants to join. More should be made of fact more countries want to join/stay in the EU rather than leave..and why that is?

Isn't it incredible (pusillanimous) that so few in high profile GB politics & media are willing to clearly explain the major economic & ending NI troubles benefits of EU (single market/cu) membership? Despite the epitome of Ukraine literally fighting & dying for the right to join

@BroughtonTowers @musthaveitnow @john_bromfield Russia ruled the (puppet states) USSR..which nationality rules the EU? Why did/do all the former states of the USSR & Warsaw Pact (which genuinely knew oppression & occupation under the USSR) want to join the EU..inc now Ukraine ...& Georgia?

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