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In an interview with Rolling Stones, Roger Waters claims that Ukraine has put him on a kill list and that Russian war crimes in Ukraine are “lies, lies, lies”. No wonder Poland didn’t allow him to organize a concert in the country.

Belarusian dictator Lukashenko has accused Ukraine of engaging in “border provocations” in recent days. He says 15 000 Ukrainians have appeared at the border & are “doing reconnaissance & violating the Belarusian border with drones”. Alex, you helped invade another country…

Ukrainian grandmothers cry with joy when soldiers of the Ukrainian Army liberate their village in the Kherson region. These are the people Ukraine is fighting for There won’t be any peace settlements that include Ukraine giving up its land and its people

23-year-old Irish volunteer soldier has been killed in action, fighting against the Russian Army invading Ukraine. RIP Rory. Ukraine will not forget your sacrifice. 🇮🇪🇺🇦

Poland will send a new group experts to assist Ukraine to investigate Russian war crimes. The 2 countries also stated that a Special International Tribunal needs to be created to prosecute the top leadership of Russia for crimes of aggression.

The commanders of the Azov Regiment, captured at Azovstal, have been reunited with their families in Turkey after having been freed in a POW-exchange. They also received the “Hero of Ukraine-medal” from First Lady Olena Zelenska. The joy on their faces!

A Ukrainian soldiers to Zelensky: “Mr President, we have liberated Zolota Balka, glory to Ukraine”.

American and other international volunteers blowing up Russian soldiers trapped in foxholes. They then send their regards with some obscenities and middle fingers. The West stands behind Ukraine.

Russia has now lost more than 60 000 soldiers in Ukraine. That’s more soldiers lost in 6 months than the U.S. lost over 8 years in Vietnam.

@MaksimNevchas “In Kherson region, Ukrainian defenders expanded the bridgehead across the Inhulets' River. They regained control of Bezimenne and advanced to Chkalove”. –Operational Command "South", Armed Forces of Ukraine, summary for Sep 28 Just reporting what the Ukrainian Army says…

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